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Királyi Pál

Homogene floors

151 m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

We transformed a block of small and mostly dark cells into an open, clear and bright space, what was feasible thanks to the pillar structure of the building from the 1920’-30’s. A generous entrance was one of the owners requests, which is in proportion to the almost 100 m2 of open living space. What else could match more this concept of open space than a homogene concrete floor in the entire apartment, which was the other corner point of the project. On the other hand the privacy of the bedrooms was important as well. The master suit includes a huge double sided walk-in wardrobe, and an ampious bathroom with walk-in shower, bathtub, double sink. The second bedroom has its privacy thanks to the opening from the entrance, not from the busy living space. It was tricky to maximize the comfort of the service area on the narrow left-hand-side of the entrance. The bathroom is accessible through 2 doors, the functional and the wellness parts of it are connected by the shower. The third room functions mostly as a home office, and takes part of the open living space, but thanks to the huge double sliding door it can be separated easily either for quiet work or having it as a guest room. We reopened the original loggia facing the inner garden, which semi open space gave extra value to the property. We restored the original windows and the nicests of the original inner doors, the hydraulic tiles insert in the entrance floor was installed in hommage of the building’s construction age.

HOME magazine 06/2015 

Schöner Wohnen 07/2015

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