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How to make 5 new apartments from 3 old ones?

168 +96 m², 5 apartments

One of the most radical changes among our projects, in the place of 3 old and messy apartments we created 5 new ones. Here again we had to demolish every non static wall inside the entire property, which was possible thanks to the original 19th century building’s massive structures. The 430 cm ceiling level made possible to build a fully usable mezzanine level from light-weight steel structures, which is accessible through normal, comfortable stairs, not through ladders. The apartments are separated by double structure acoustic plasterboard walls, each apartment’s mezzanine is a separate structure to maximize the insulation. The design concept was determined by the goal of giving 2 windows to each new apartment. The size of the apartments is between 33 and 47 m², but each of them has a separate bedroom area on the upper level, two apartments have even 2 separate bedrooms, and in one apartment we have a mini office installed on a glass bridge! There is a common laundry near the entrance, and a separate office for the staff who manage the daily issues of the flats. A long corridor was inevitable due to the U shape of the property, but we tried to break its monotonity with bright red entrance doors and assymetric led lighting.

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